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Hurt in a wreck?

If you have been hurt in a wreck that was not your fault, you are likely dealing with pain, medical appointments, medical bills, lost time from work, confusing insurance forms, and the daunting task of taking on a car insurance company whose goal is to pay you as little as possible. You need a lawyer, not just to make your life easier, but to build a case that will get you the most money and keep you from making mistakes that will hurt your case. How? Keep reading and watch the video.

Cyndi Crocker explains how a lawyer can help

Four things to Consider Before you Settle

We Secure the Evidence

Evidence can get away from you quickly. Vehicle damage, skid marks, debris, video, black box recorders, and witnesses all tell the story of what happened. We know what to look for and have the ability to gather it, sometimes using experts.

We Prove Your Injury

Beyond securing your medical records and bills, we consider how an injury has impacted your life and how it is likely to impact it in the future. We gather additional information and testimony from your doctors and other experts to prove likely future complications and medical expenses and future suffering and wage loss.

We Take on the Insurance Company

Insurance companies fight claims. They investigate claims hoping to limit what they have to pay. They deny fault, or try to “share” fault with you, or deny insurance coverage in cases where those positions are wrong. You can’t allow the insurance company alone to decide what you are entitled to.

We identify all of the Insurance Coverage

It is not always obvious where insurance coverage will come from. You may have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. There may be excess liability coverage. The adjuster for the at-fault vehicle will not advise you about other coverage, even though by signing a release for him you might be waiving the other coverage. It is not his job to protect you from that mistake. That is our job.

Why should you hire Crocker Law Firm?

That’s a question we let our clients answer.

Cyndi Crocker explains how a lawyer can help

Samantha L. , Glasgow, Kentucky

I was very impressed with the fact that Crocker Law Firm was willing to come out to my house to meet with me, when I was hurt.

Rich C. , Bowling Green, Kentucky

If I ever had any questions, I could call and they would explain. The best thing was that I got far more than I expected.

Timothy F. , Bowling Green, Kentucky

I got tired of working against the insurance company. Crocker Law was able to take over all of that. I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Elizabeth Cochran, Portland, Tennessee

I was not sure what to expect and everyone always kept me informed. It just made the whole process easy and simple on my part. I thank everyone at Crocker Law Firm!

Davrenzo and Jamie Williams, Bowling Green, Kentucky

We were never just a case. We felt like they really cared. Everything was wonderful!

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